Services for Organisations

  • Strategy implementation effectiveness programs
  • Board, management, team and key individual Executive Coaching
  • Leadership and Management Development Programs
  • Measurement of individual, sectional or organisational results, KPI development
  • Organisation and cultural change and transition programs
  • Organisational Learning and Problem Solving
  • Corporate Psychology
  • Performance Management
  • Relationship Management with and between organisations
  • Planning (Strategic, Corporate, Business, Project, Risk, Action)
  • Psychometric evaluation of individuals, teams, to whole organisations
  • Public Speaking (strategy, learning, change, performance, leadership, management, etc.)
  • Event Facilitation

Learning at Work ServicesServices for Individuals

  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Corporate Psychotherapy
  • Career Planning
  • Life coaching
  • Personal problem solving
  • Personal skill development
  • Personal values clarification
  • Psychometric measurement
  • Individual clinical psychotherapy