Mal Davies

Dr Malcolm Davies Learning At Work

Dr Mal Davies, B AppSc., B Psych (Hons 1), MBA, Dip Clin Hyp, M Psych (Clin), PhD, MASH, JP (Qual; Qld).

Mal Davies started his career as an industrial chemist having graduated in applied science from QUT. In an 18 year initial career with Castlemaine Perkins Limited he moved through the ranks eventually working in every functional area. Mal’s final position with Castlemaine was General – Manager Commercial.

Upon leaving Castlemaine in 1987, Mal became the founding CEO and Managing Director of the Power Brewing Company Limited. Mal’s task included the full breadth of duties necessary to build a brewery and develop a product and a beer brand.

He adopted a strategic management approach with a small team, and by using leading edge organisation principles, a world class brewery was built quickly for a fraction of the industry benchmark cost.

At the same time an exceptional brand, Power’s Bitter, was developed and successfully image positioned in the market place. Power’s five years sales objectives, as laid down in the initial strategic plan, were met in two years. During the same period the Company was successfully floated on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Mal is widely regarded as:

  • an effective action strategist;
  • management educator;
  • executive coach;
  • registered psychologist;
  • clinical & organisational psychotherapist;
  • process facilitator;
  • consultant problem solver;
  • senior management coach; and
  • counselor.

With hands on as well as theoretical expertise, Mal enjoys broad credibility with senior managers and management teams, but is also well known for building solid working relationships with people of all backgrounds. Building on that base, Mal has proven uniquely effective helping individuals to attain happier lives and improved mental health on the one hand, and on the other hand developing / coaching improvements in performance and bottom line results in both private and public organisation senior managers, senior management teams, professional partnerships, and boards of directors.

Mal holds tertiary qualifications in science (B.App.Sc.), industrial engineering (C.Op.Man.), applied clinical and organisatonal psychology (B.A., B.Psych.[Hons 1], Dip.Clin.Hyp., M.Psych.[Clin.], PhD.), and business (MBA). He is a regular speaker at conferences, has co-authored a successful text on business communication, has taught Business Strategy, Marketing and Business Communication at post graduate level, and is a Registered Psychologist in Queensland. Mal employs psychological, strategic leadership, systems, linguistic, and learning paradigms in his work. He is married with two adult children and resides in Brisbane.