Introduction to Learning At Work

Learning At Work (LAW) is a network firm of consulting psychologists, providing:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Double loop organisation learning,
  • Change and transition management,
  • Management and leadership development,
  • Executive mentoring and coaching,
  • Performance management,
  • Relationship management within and between organisations,
  • Corporate psychology, individual psychology and psychotherapy applications.

to the directorate, management and professional workforces of organisations around the Pacific Rim.

Our Coaching, Leadership Development and Psychological services employ powerful evidence-based personal and organisational change processes to assist rejuvenation and performance improvement for Teams and Staff.  Those who are already very effective and want to improve, as well as those where performance improvement is desired. Our Management Consulting services focus on practical organisation strategy development, organisation learning and implementation, performance improvement for teams or the whole organisation, and overall strategic output and outcome improvement.

The firm was founded in 1989 with the mission of bringing practical and effective management approaches to organisations, large and small. LAW’s strategic leadership approach framework is designed to enhance ‘bottom line’ performance by linking objectives and strategies to the day to day management and employee behaviour in the organisation. LAW has an established track record of significant successes across a wide range of client business and organization types in public private and not for profit sectors.  LAW differs from other consulting firms in two important ways.


Firstly, LAW is a network organization. The firm can offer the services of a range of sole practitioners. Each practitioner is the principal of a specialist business. Each brings to the table leading edge skills in a relevant area of expertise. The network structure keeps LAW overheads low whilst allowing LAW to quickly assemble highly expert teams of leading edge professionals to specifically meet client needs. With LAW assignments can be tailored to uniquely fit any organisation need.

It is well established in strategy and development work that deciding ‘what to do’ and’ how to do it’, can be demanding.  LAW process expertise greatly enhances this challenge.  But research shows that ‘what’ and ‘how’ are often overshadowed the behavioural (change) demands of ‘doing it’.  Organisations often find themselves facing the challenges of implementation without skilled help and advice. Yet, research shows that the implementation of strategies is often the rock on which even very successful companies founder.


A second key difference LAW network members bring is a focus in practical implementation processes.  LAW people have “hands on” implementation experience. We have processes and decision models to assist managers to confront and overcome internal barriers to change. We have the expertise to identify and provide internal management and staff with both knowledge and skill training. We can formulate and organise any necessary market or organizational research. With many clients we remain on retainer and provide an objective ongoing monitoring service and source of ideas to keep the process going and a continual focus on the objectives that have been set. In short, LAW don’t just write a report and leave you with the problem of making it work. We are there and have the skills to help all the way through.

A Typical Engagement

For some clients, our work focuses on preparing for and conducting a strategic planning seminar involving key stakeholders to develop a collectively supported plan. Our expert input into implementation, based on long experience combined with leading edge organisational and psychological research, ensures that the planning seminar is productive; that all of the relevant research and other factual information is to hand; and that difficult issues are identified and progress made on dealing with them.

In a turbulent corporate environment, it is often hard for incumbent management, who necessarily become immersed in the day to day problems of the enterprise, to maintain regular progress towards goals. LAW’s role often goes beyond planning help to assisting with the effectiveness of ongoing strategy implementation. This may include anything from a review function to hands-on work such as conducting organizational change interventions, corporate psychotherapy, executive coaching, etc.

LAW professionals have applied this approach in a wide range of organisations.  Organisations varying from those that that are successful, but see the need for continual development, to organisations that require a turnaround strategy. In a vast range of contexts LAW’s approach has added bottom line value and delivered a very high return on investment.


What counts is results!

To get results the process must be tailored to meet the precise needs of the client individual and or organisation. LAW offers access to skills, knowledge and extra capacity to assist how, where and whenever it is needed.