Learning At Work (LAW) is a network firm of consulting psychologists and psychotherapists, providing:

  • Strategy development and implementation,
  • Double loop organisation learning,
  • Integral leadership and strategy development,
  • Change and transition management,
  • Management and leadership development,
  • Executive mentoring and coaching,
  • Performance management,
  • Strategy implementation management,
  • Relationship management within and between organisations,
  • Corporate psychology, individual psychology and psychotherapy applications.

to boards of directors/trustees, all levels of managers, senior technical operatives, and individual clients, around the Pacific Rim.

We employ powerful evidence-based  change processes to assist rejeuventation and performance improvement for Individuals, Teams and Staff.

Focus ranges from those who are already very effective, and want to improve, through to those who desire improvement in personal performance and capability.

We focus on practical organisation strategy development and implementation, performance improvement for teams or the whole organisation, and overall strategic outcome improvement.

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